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Land Rover Business Contract Hire and Leasing

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Have you been looking for a new lease car that can be used for both business and personal use? Well, if so then you can not go wrong with a Land Rover. The world-renowned brand specializes in producing luxury all-terrain vehicles which are perfect for every occasion.

One of the biggest problems for people when it comes to Land Rover tends to be the price. With Land Rover being a luxury car brand it can be hard to get your hands on one at a reasonable price. Nowadays this doesn't tend to be a problem thanks to car leasing companies such as ourselves.

Business contract hire Land Rover Discovery, SUV / 4x4
Land Rover Discovery, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Land Rover Discovery Sport, SUV / 4x4
Land Rover Discovery Sport, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Land Rover Range Rover, SUV / 4x4
Land Rover Range Rover, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, SUV / 4x4
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, Cabriolet
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, Cabriolet
Business contract hire Land Rover Range Rover Sport, SUV / 4x4
Land Rover Range Rover Sport, SUV / 4x4
Business contract hire Land Rover Range Rover Velar, SUV / 4x4
Land Rover Range Rover Velar, SUV / 4x4

Why Lease a Land Rover?

Over the years Land Rover has gone through a number of changes over the years but don't let this worry. One thing that has never changed is Land Rover's dedication to producing high-quality vehicles that stand out from the rest. This dedication has made Land Rover one of the most consistent brands on the market right now which is why they have been increasing in popularity year after year.

Having been in the industry for over 10 years now has allowed us to form some great bonds with people including the ones over at Land Rover. Thanks to this bond we are able to offer you some of the most competitive quotes in the industry.

The Benefits of Leasing a Land Rover

For some, the hardest part about deciding on whether to go with a lease vehicle is weighing up the pros and cons of it. So we have spent some time putting together some of them for you to ensure you have all the information that you need.


  • Lower Monthly Payments - Due to the way the leasing agreement is structured you actually end up paying a lot less compared to if you were planning to purchase the car outright.
  • Always under warranty - What could be better than never having to worry about your car as its always under warranty? Well, this is what you get with our Land Rover car lease deals.
  • Walk away at the end - With all of our leases at the end, you can simply walk away at the end. We never lock anyone in after the initial contract is over so if you are not happy you can just move on.


  • Mileage Restrictions - When you sign your contract with us you will state your required mileage per annum if you go over this then you will be charged an additional fee. This fee is charged per mile you go over.
  • No Ownership - This is the factor that normally puts a lot of people off getting themselves a leased car and it's the fact that you never own it.

If you are still interested in getting a Land Rover lease out but are still struggling to make up your mind then we recommend that you give us a call. Our dedicated team of car leasing experts will be able to provide you with all the information you need to lease your next car. Call us now on 0161 440 7272 or head on over to our call back form and fill that out for a call back with 24 hours.

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