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Business Van Leasing And Business Contract Hire Vans

Are you a business, sole trader, or partnership looking to lease a van for 2-3 years? Well, if so you have come to the right place. Here at Britannia Car Leasing, we are able to provide you with a van lease deal you will love.

Our team of van leasing experts have over 20-years of experience and are here to help you find the van for you. Leasing provides an easy and cost-effective way to get your hands on a brand new van or pick-up. Unlike with a PCH, a business lease is designed with sole traders, partnerships and limited companies in mind.

About Our Van Business Contract Hire Deals

At Britannia, we have built connections with some of the biggest van providers in the UK. This means we are able to offer deals and any and all van models on the market right now. So whether you looking for a small van for doing small pick up jobs or something a bit bigger we are sure to be able to help you.

Pros To Business Van Leasing

  • You don't own it - The van will be under the lending providers ownership the entire time meaning it doesn't appear on the balance sheet for your company. 
  • Fixed Monthly Payments - Never worry about the price going up as all our contracts come with a fixed payment plan which you never need to worry about. 
  • Flexible Terms - At Britannia Car Finance we can offer you a number of different terms so no matter what your needs are we should be able to provide you with a contract that meets your needs. 
  • Can claim up to 50% VAT back - With all business leases you are able to claim back up to 50% of the VAT paid on your lease. If you want some more information about this then check out the following page on the website.

Cons To Business Van Leasing

  • Early Termination is expensive - If you have to cancel your lease early then you will be expected to pay some rather high cancellation fees. 
  • The van is never owned by you - Even though the vehicle stays in your possession throughout the lease you never own it. You also have no option to buy the car at the end of the contract. 
  • Excessive Mileage Charges - If you exceed the mileage that you stated at the start of your contract then you will be charged an extra fee. This fee will be calculated on a per mile basis and typical ranges from 6p-20p per mile.

Since 2001 we worked hard to provide our customers with some of the best van and pick-up lease possible. Our team of van leasing experts has over 15 years experience in the industry. During this time we have worked with some amazing brands from all over the UK and now it's your turn.

Give us a call today to speak with a member of our team and see how we can help you.