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Citroen Car Leasing And Contract Hire

Citroen is a French car manufacturer which is known for being the first company outside of the USA to mass-produce cars. Founded in 1919 by André-Gustave Citroën the company has a long-standing history of producing family-friendly cars. So if you are looking for an economical car that fits the whole family then you can't go wrong with Citroen.

Buying a vehicle nowadays is usually far too expensive for most people. As this is becoming the case more and more often people are tending to go with car leasing options. The reason for this is leasing gives you the option to drive a brand new car for half of the monthly payments. Enabling you to budget your money that much better.

Citroen Car Leasing Deals

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“Fantastic service from Sam. From my initial contact to arranging the final delivery time for my new car, his attention to detail and quick response times are amazing. Highly recommended!”

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“Loving the car and couldn’t ask for more. Looking forward to the better weather to enjoy it!! Would definitely recommend Freddie in the future.”

Lisa Spitz

“I have used Britannia for a few different vehicles over the years and Freddie’s service and price is second to none”

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“I would like to thank Freddie for the service provided - it was without doubt superb. The car was delivered within a few weeks and I will certainly recommend Britannia Car Finance!”

Lindsay De Martin

Leasing A New Citroen

Over the last 90+ years, Citroen has become one of the most popular car brands in Europe. Over the years many of their cars have been recommended for multiple awards including the car of the year. This is thanks to the brand's amazing balance of every-day economy, innovative design, and superior levels of luxury and comfort.

Citroen car leasing gives you the option to choose from several amazing vehicles including; the Citroen C1, C3, and C4. To find out more about our Citroen leasing offers then we recommend you check out the individual listing pages for a detailed breakdown.

All About Citroen

There is a company by the name of Citroen that operates out of France. It is one of the top automobile producers over the last hundred years. Although it does service many countries worldwide, it does not go into Mexico, Canada, South Asia, or the US. That is probably why most in America have never heard of this company which was established back in 1919. Since that time, it has done very well, employing nearly 14,000 employees. Here is a brief overview of this business that is known for certain automobiles and his tenacity to improve each and every year.

Citroen Overview

One of the most notable things about this company is that it is one of the few automobile manufacturers to win three official championships, all from different locations. It has not only been victorious once, but multiple times for these championships, and has been selling cars in China since the 1980s. He was in 2014 when it first began to run into significant financial problems. At that point, another company took over. Despite the setbacks, this connection with this other Corporation has allowed it to regroup. It is still one of the more popular car manufacturers in most areas of the world.

What Type Of Vehicles Do Citroen Produce?

Although they do have some vehicles that mimic modern cars seen in the US, many of them are very small, designed for European travel. One of its more popular models is the C-Zero and the other is called the C1 II. part of the appeal has to do with the mileage it is able to get the vehicles that it will create. However, it is the design of the vehicles which has called into question its need for new leadership, prompting them to come out with beautiful models such as the C5 Aircross and C5 standard.

Similar to many companies that got started in the 1920s, it is still going strong today. Even though it does not have a place in the American market, this has not held it back up until recently. Fortunately, is now working with newer technologies hoping to increase its market share by as much as 15%. Its ability to expand into China has been very helpful toward achieving this goal, a goal that they have set for the year 2020. Until then, it will continue to make modifications as it makes its way toward becoming one of the more viable car manufacturers in the world as it has always been.

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