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Honda car leasing deals

Some great car leasing Offers on all Honda vehicles, click the model range boxes below to view the great lease deals on on the Honda car range.

Britannia Car Finance Ltd has some fantastic contract hire and car leasing deals on all Honda for both business and personal customers, choose one of the many special offers we currently have on our Honda deals page.

Click on the images below to view our fantastic car leasing deals on the Honda range.

View all Civic Hatchbacks
Lease Honda Civic car leasing
Civic Hatchback
22 vehicles found from £150.14 exc VAT from £180.17 inc VAT
View all Civic Saloons
Lease Honda Civic car leasing
Civic Saloon
1 vehicle found from £286.97 exc VAT from £344.37 inc VAT
View all CR-V SUVs
Lease Honda CR-V car leasing
18 vehicles found from £227.13 exc VAT from £272.55 inc VAT
View all Honda e Hatchbacks
Lease Honda Honda e car leasing
Honda e Hatchback
3 vehicles found from £255.15 exc VAT from £306.19 inc VAT
View all HR-V SUVs
Lease Honda HR-V car leasing
10 vehicles found from £154.98 exc VAT from £185.98 inc VAT
View all Jazz Hatchbacks
Lease Honda Jazz car leasing
Jazz Hatchback
15 vehicles found from £156.38 exc VAT from £187.66 inc VAT
View all NSX Coupes
Lease Honda NSX car leasing
NSX Coupe
1 vehicle found from £1,820.99 exc VAT from £2,185.19 inc VAT

All About Honda - Facts

The Honda motor company has had a long history of automobile production and also foreign automobile makes. It has earned all this through hard work and a dedicated team of engineers, designers, sales persons and manufacturers. There a number of facts that makes Honda a great automobile company. These facts include;

1.The Company Started By Manufacturing Bicycles 

This company started by manufacturing motorized bicycles before moving to the manufacture of automobiles. This was back in the year 1964 when Honda was a large producer of motor cycles. The company later grew to manufacturing automobiles. 

2.The First Foreign Vehicle Was Honda Accord 

The first ever foreign vehicle to be produced by Honda Motor Company was Honda Accord. This model was produced in 1982 at their plant based in Ohio specifically Marysville. It became the first foreign model to be manufactured and sold in the United States. 

3.The Company Does Other Activities 

Aside from being an automobile company Honda is also involved in quite a number of activities. These activities include manufacture of water crafts, manufacture of aircrafts, manufacture of mountain bikes, and manufacture of lawn equipment and also manufacture of solar cells. The company is also involved in robotics research. They have a humanoid robot that is able to walk, dance, run, recognize and distinguish sounds and noises, avoid obstacles and also conduct orchestras. 

4.Unique Model Names

One of Hondas’ strongholds is that it has a unique selection of brand names for its vehicles. A lot of thought goes into naming the models, for example the name accord simply means creating harmony between people and the cars that they drive. The name civic which is also one of Hondas’ brands simply means creating a reliable automobile that is practical to drive, one that most people can drive and also one that is able to reflect achievement. 

These are all the facts you need to know about Honda, if you are interested in getting your own vehicle.