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Mitsubishi Car Leasing And Contract Hire

Here at Britannia Car Leasing we have some great contract hire and car leasing offers on all Mitsubishi cars. All of our Mitsubishi lease deals are available on both personal and business leasing contracts, and come with a full manufacturer's warranty for extra peace of mind.

Click on the fantastic deals below to find out more information and current prices, or call our friendly car leasing speciailsts on 0161 440 7272.

A Word From Our Customers

“Fantastic service from Sam. From my initial contact to arranging the final delivery time for my new car, his attention to detail and quick response times are amazing. Highly recommended!”

Vinay Bedi

“Loving the car and couldn’t ask for more. Looking forward to the better weather to enjoy it!! Would definitely recommend Freddie in the future.”

Lisa Spitz

“I have used Britannia for a few different vehicles over the years and Freddie’s service and price is second to none”

Michelle Blackburn

“Thank you Ben for your excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending Britannia to my colleagues in future. We hope to do more business with you.”

Michael Hellowell

“I ordered 2 cars through Freddie at Britannia and the service we received was the best we have ever had from a broker or a dealer. Highly recommended and will use them again.”

Gurmeet Handa

“I would like to thank Freddie for the service provided - it was without doubt superb. The car was delivered within a few weeks and I will certainly recommend Britannia Car Finance!”

Lindsay De Martin

Overview Of Mitsubishi Cars

One of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world is called Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Based in Japan, it got its start back in 1917. It started with a saloon, and has since become a very successful multibillion-pound company with assets that are right around $1.5 trillion. It has come a long way since its origins, subsequently building ships, aircraft, and machinery during times of war. Today, it is known for producing not only automobiles, but a multitude of other products, and is one of the more recognizable names when you make these types of purchases. Here is an overview of Mitsubishi cars and what they sell today.

The Cars That Mitsubishi Is Sold

Mitsubishi has manufactured and sold a multitude of different vehicles. When it became recognized worldwide, part of that has to do with its alliance with Chrysler. This company, based in the United States, started working with Mitsubishi, and this continued on into the 1980s. It was then that it produced over a million cars, and to avoid bankruptcy, Chrysler ended up selling its Mitsubishi manufacturing company in Australia. It was 1982 that marked its journey into the American market selling vehicles in just 22 states. By the late 1980s, it went public on the stock market, subsequently expanding into different countries like Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. By the 1990s, after intending to take over Honda, it began to rise in popularity, controlling over 11% of the car sales worldwide.

Mitsubishi Alliances

In 2016, the company Nissan began an acquisition of Mitsubishi, trying to take over the majority share of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. There were also joint ventures were done with companies like Volvo prior to this acquisition, and there was some interaction with the Ford company. It was through these alliances, plus joint ventures with Chinese companies, that it continued to grow in size. Despite the controlling purchase that was done by Nissan, Mitsubishi continues to be one of the top manufacturers of vehicles in the world today.

After getting its start over 100 years ago, Mitsubishi has come a long way. There have been many ups and downs, but through alliances, and fending off takeovers, it is still one of the strongest automobile manufacturers. It has upgraded its vehicles, keeping up with changes related to fuel efficiency and modern electronic computer systems that were integrated. It will likely continue to move forward is one of the top producers of automobiles, a business that will be here for many years to come.

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