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Volvo Car Leasing And Contract Hire

Here at Britannia Car Leasing we have some great contract hire and car leasing offers on all Volvo cars. All of our Volvo lease deals are available on both personal and business leasing contracts, and come with a full manufacturer's warranty for extra peace of mind.

Click on the fantastic deals below to find out more information and current prices, or call our friendly car leasing speciailsts on 0161 440 7272.

A Word From Our Customers

“Fantastic service from Sam. From my initial contact to arranging the final delivery time for my new car, his attention to detail and quick response times are amazing. Highly recommended!”

Vinay Bedi

“Loving the car and couldn’t ask for more. Looking forward to the better weather to enjoy it!! Would definitely recommend Freddie in the future.”

Lisa Spitz

“I have used Britannia for a few different vehicles over the years and Freddie’s service and price is second to none”

Michelle Blackburn

“Thank you Ben for your excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending Britannia to my colleagues in future. We hope to do more business with you.”

Michael Hellowell

“I ordered 2 cars through Freddie at Britannia and the service we received was the best we have ever had from a broker or a dealer. Highly recommended and will use them again.”

Gurmeet Handa

“I would like to thank Freddie for the service provided - it was without doubt superb. The car was delivered within a few weeks and I will certainly recommend Britannia Car Finance!”

Lindsay De Martin

All About Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a luxury automotive manufacturer that is based in Sweden. Although the company's headquarters are located in Torslanda, the company is actually a subsidiary of Geely, a Chinese vehicles company. Volvo manufacturers a variety of vehicles, including sedans, station wagons, and sports utility vehicles.

The Beginning Of Volvo

Volvo was founded in 1927. The company's first vehicle, the Volvo ÖV 4, was released in the same year. Many of their early vehicles were specifically designed for driving in Sweden. Volvo started producing cars for the American market in the 1950s, and they continue to sell cars in North America to this day.

Because Volvo began as a small company, they sought to merge with other companies for decades. Many of these mergers were blocked by major actors in Sweden. In the 90s, Volvo chose to sell its manufacturing business and joined the Ford Motor Company.

Volvo's Relationship With Ford

After the United States entered an economic recession in 2007, Volvo became concerned about the future of their company with Ford. Numerous layoffs occurred, and Volvo began to explore becoming an independent company with the assistance of the Swedish government.

Instead of Volvo becoming independent, the company was sold to Geely, an automotive company in China. Geely officially took ownership of Volvo in 2010. The company paid more than $1.3 billion for Volvo, making it the largest-ever overseas acquisition from an auto company in China. Since being purchased by Geely, Volvo has changed its vehicle line-up to better suit the needs of their customers.

Volvo's Plans For The Future

Going forward, Volvo has stated that all of the vehicles that they produce will be either electric or hybrid electric. This decision may have been caused by the fines that Volvo paid for missing fuel economy targets in the past. Volvo has been producing vehicles powered by a combustion engine for decades, and this marks a big change for the company.

Volvo has also announced plans to introduce self-driving cars. The company has announced that they will collaborate with Uber in order to produce these vehicles. Volvo also recently introduced a vehicle subscription service known as Care by Volvo.

In recent years, Volvo sales have been up globally. The company has found great success with Geely, and it seems likely that Volvo's future ventures will wind up being very successful as well. This Swedish automotive company is worth keeping an eye on.

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