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5 Killer Tips To Keep Your Lease Car In Tip Top Shape

Having a car is great, you can go anywhere at any time while enjoying the comfort of your four wheels. It gets even better when you go with a lease car as you probably managed to get a car that you never dreamed of owning. However, if you want it to stay gleaming forever then you need to make sure you take proper care of it. 

Cars run it to problems all the time it's only natural with them being a rather ingenious piece of technology. You can help prevent a lot of these problems simply by spending some time maintaining your vehicle each week. As well as this you can also avoid any additional charges at the end of your contract by keeping on top of it.

Follow The Manual

Seem rather simple right? Well, you would be wrong according to a survey done back in 2016 it's estimated that about 60% of car owners have never even looked at their manual. Ensuring you follow what the manual says is a great way of extending the life of your vehicle and potentially could save you a lot on repairs. 

One of the best ways to know if you are doing everything correctly is to consult the manual. After all who is going to know the car better than the manufacturer. Inside your manual, you will also find some useful information including how to change your oil, how to tell if your fluids are the correct colour/level, and the correct type of fuel to use.

Listen To Your Car

Even if you know very little about cars you are probably going to notice when something is off with it. Sometimes a problem with your car can be evident and easy to spot like a bent, swollen or flat tire. 

Something like this you should act on quickly especially a bad tire. A bad tire can end up causing serious damage including damage to the rims and suspension on the car. Sometimes though the problem may not be as obvious so you may need to use other methods to identify the problem such as a noise. 

When you find yourself sneezing repeatedly, it may be a sign that you're coming down with something. So just like that if you start hearing a noise or shake from your car then it might be an early sign that something is going wrong.

Check Under The Hood

Some of the most important parts of your car can be found under the bonnet. Fluids, belts, your battery, and the engine are all stored here and need regular checks to ensure they are in working order. 

Your car depends on these parts to run effectively so without the proper care you may find your self-running into problems later on down the road. Make sure you check your oil levels regularly with the dipsticks provided. Also, ensure you check your belts for any wear and fraying on the edges as well to avoid your car dying randomly on you. 

If you are not sure on how any of this should look then we highly recommend you check out your owner's manual like we mentioned above.

Have A Go-To Professional

One of the most important recommendations you will find in your owner's manual is the importance of finding a trusted professional to perform check up's on your car. Just like you need to your car needs to go in for regular check up's. 

Booking your new lease vehicle in for regular maintenance check's is one of the smartest things you can do. If you want to avoid any large charges or unexpected breakdowns then it only makes sense. 

Now if you are going to be booking in your car for regular maintenance check's then I highly recommend you go with a professional garage and not one of your friends. The reason we say this is if your return the vehicle and some parts don't match the manufactures specs then you will be charged additional fee's.

Keep Your Car Clean

Again another rather simple thing but as you can tell by spending 10 minutes in your local supermarket car park not everyone knows how to do it. With a lease agreement, you will find a fair wear and tear clause in your contract. 

This clause states that if your vehicle returns in a condition which doesn't constitute regular then you will be charged additional fee's. So the best way to avoid these charges is to regularly clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle. 

If you ensure you follow all of the tips listed above and practice good driving habits then you should have no problems at the end of the contract.

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