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Electric Cars Coming To The Market in 2019

Electric Cars coming to market in 2019 Economical, inexpensive running costs AND zero emissions. What’s not to love about electric cars. Here’s our pick of the best coming to YOU in 2019. 

In 2019, you can expect over 20 all new fully electric models finding their way into car showrooms. Alongside electric car catalysts Tesla and Nissan, we will be seeing a variety of manufacturers taking their first dive into the world of super-efficient economically saving electric vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 – Release date: Summer 2019

Elon Musk’s newest dream is becoming a reality in 2019, with his new Model 3. When the release of this mid-size all electric vehicle was announced, eager buyers were frantically rushing to put their names down on the pre order list. And we can see why, it combines incredibly smooth transmission with an aesthetically pleasing design even the most accomplished artist would be proud of. Whilst it doesn’t match the speed of its predecessor (The Model S) this sleek looking 4 door reaches 62 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds and even shaves off a little extra in the long-range version at 5.1 seconds. Despite being a rear wheel drive car, it handles extremely well and in comparison to the Model S which was occasionally described as sluggish, it is a much nimbler car. The all electric car comes with a charge capacity after 30 minutes of 130 miles and with the plethora of the brands easily accessible Superchargers being installed around the country, you shouldn’t need to worry about losing battery. Other notable features of the newest Tesla include folding wing mirrors, a sat-nav, built in Wi-Fi (which is always a bonus) and a reversing camera.

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Porsche Mission E

The first of its kind and the first step into the electric car world for the Porsche branding. This innovative vehicle features a highly impressive design which is leaving members of the public in awe. Despite having the person responsible for designing the interior of the Mission E poached by their competitors Tesla, this first step by Porsche is not just a “good looking car”. It is estimated that the all-electric car will produce a range of more than 310 miles on one full charge and can boast a whopping 600BHP for all your supercar needs. Whoever said supercars are bad for the environment needs to feast their eyes on this zero-emission beauty. Having a rumoured 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds the Porsche Mission E shows just how far manufacturers have come with EV technology. The charging system parallels the speed of the car and gives it an 80% charge in just 15 minutes, and a roomy interior with four individual seats combined with a three-dimensional dashboard display tailor made to the drivers’ line of sight, its hard to look past the Mission E as the next big Supercar in the all-electric industry.

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Mini E

A new beginning for the experimental Mini that was produced in 2009 and almost 10 years later, the compact car manufacturers believe they have perfected their version of an all-electric car. The Mini E will be available to the public with generous supply and with its updated battery style it’s a vast improvement of the previous model that didn’t leave the experimental stages. There are not many confirmed specs for the upcoming model, but we do know that it will be realised in 2019 and Mini have promised when completed the Electric will be considerably more enjoyable to drive than its petrol and diesel siblings due to the batteries lowering the centre of gravity. It is likely that the range between charges will be similar to the 186 miles that the fully electric BMW i3 manages in tests. After all BMW is the owner of Mini.

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This list shows only a handful of new all-electric cars coming to market in 2019 and with the Electric car industry still relatively in its infancy, this number is only going to rise in the future. The days where petrol and diesel rule the roads could soon be coming to an end and you can be sure many more car manufacturers will be in the process of designing their own versions of these wonderful zero emission vehicles. If you’re not yet a fan of these eco friendly vehicles, there might just be something on the horizon to look forward to.

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