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The Electric Volkswagen ID Range Is Coming

Electric Volkswagen ID Range

"When you put pencil to paper, owning a full-electric vehicle costs about half of what a gas car costs me to operate." 

Battery-electric price parity with internal combustion engines will be the tipping point that brings wide market acceptance for the emerging technology - and that tipping point is closer than it may appear, said Reinhard Fischer, senior vice president for Volkswagen Group who heads strategy for VW brand in North America. “Once you overcome the fear of something new, the EV is the better choice for you," he said. 

VW's 12-brand group, which includes Audi, Porsche and Bentley, said in March it plans to introduce almost 70 full-electric models globally by 2028, accounting for 22 million battery-powered vehicles. In May, VW revealed the pricing and driving ranges for its first mass-market EV, the ID3. The launch-edition ID3 will be priced below 40,000 euros in Germany (the first batch are exclusive to Germany) excluding government incentives. Other ID3 versions will include an entry-level car priced below 30,000 euros, about the same level as the diesel variant of the Golf hatchback. 

In a recent leak, Volkswagen may have inadvertently showed us a sneak peak of the interior of the new ID.3. They have opted for a minimalist design aesthetic, with limited buttons and much of the controls handled via the larger touchscreen. The leaked video also appears to confirm the ID.3 will feature a voice controlled virtual assistant, similar to Mercedes’ MBUX interface featured in the new A-Class, which is able to interpret spoken commands such as “Hello ID, I’m cold” that results in the car turning up the air-conditioning temperature. 

To improve range, it’s critical the electronics and the battery don’t waste energy through heat. So they found a cell design with low internal resistance so the battery doesn’t warm up much during driving. The I.D. itself will come with two battery options. Their actual kWh capacity is still a secret, but that doesn’t mean anything just yet. What matters is range, and there are versions offering 206 miles and 312 miles on early test. The shorter-range car, having fewer modules, is well over 100kg lighter, so it accelerates faster. 

The Volkswagen I.D range is the biggest influx from one supplier to the electric market we have had to date. Beginning with the ID3, VW will definitely be setting the bar high and we are very excited to see how the future of the electric market is effected by the Volkswagen ID range.

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15th of August 2019