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Hybrid Vs Electric - The Perfect One for You!

If you're thinking about picking up a new car and interested in picking up something that is a more fuel-efficient, then a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle has probably crossed your mind. They are all the range nowadays thanks to their stylish designs and economic benefits.

Differences Between Hybrid and Electric

Before we start talking which are the best electric vehicles and plug-ins its important that we make you aware of the key differences. First off and probably the most obvious is the engines themselves. With a plug-in hybrid, you get two engines one electric and one normal gasoline engine. Whereas with a fully electric vehicle, you only get one and that's the fully electric one. 

The next difference is actually how far you can go on a single charge. As you can imagine with having too fit two engines into a hybrid you get a lot less storage space for the battery. With a hybrid, you will typically get about 30-40 miles out of each charge before the gasoline engine kicks. On the other hand with a fully electric vehicle, you can easily reach 100+ miles before you need to recharge. 

Okay so now we have gone over some of the main differences I believe its time to start talking about some of the most popular ones on the market right now. 

Plug-in Hybrids

Volkswagen Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid. 

If you not keen on the idea of a fully electric VW golf then the new Golf GTE could be perfect for you. Described by Volkswagen as the child of their GTI and GTD models the GTE is the perfect balance of economy and class. 

Housing a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine and a punchy little electric motor you get a pretty impressive 201bhp. As well as this the GTE can go from 0-62mph in about 7.6 seconds which is even faster than the GTD and only 1.1 seconds slower than the GTI. Meaning there is plenty of power under the hood. 

The Golf GTE also has one of the lowest emission figures available. Thanks to these figures it actually means that it's completely free of tax and if you're in London you also qualify for exemption from the congestion charge. In fact, if you commute is theoretically less than 31 miles you would never have to fill it with fuel. 

Key Specs 

Price: £33,035 
Engine: 1.4-litre 4-cyl turbo petrol plus electric motor 
Power: 201bph 
Transmission: Six-speed auto, front-wheel drive 
0-62mph: 7.6 seconds 
Top Speed: 138mph 
Economy/CO2: 166mpg/35g/km

 If you are thinking of picking up a Golf GTE then feel free to get in touch with us today. We offer both personal and business contract hire deals on the GTE so no matter what your needs we will be able to help.

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid 

While Toyota has gained cult status inside of the motor industry, the Prius is arguably the most famous model ever developed by Toyota. The Toyotas Prius range has become a landmark feature in the industry, and even though they have a drawn a certain type of driver the latest Prius Mk4 is defiantly worth looking at as a family car. 

One of the biggest benefits of the new Mk4 is a more dynamic and forgiving platform which gives the Mk4 an agility older models just can't compete with. It's also backed up with lighter steering, stronger breaks and less body roll. 

One thing that has been kept the same across all variations of the Prius is the 97bhp 1.8-liter VVT-i petrol engine on board. But, the guys over at Toyota has spent significant type improving the fuel economy of it. The reworked engine now delivers an impressive 94.1mpg on the combined cycle. 

Key Specs 

Price: £26,914 
Engine: 1.8 Petrol Hybrid 
Power: 122bhp 
0-62mph: 7.7 Seconds 
Top Speed: 102mph 
Economy/CO2: From 70mpg/km 

If you are thinking of picking up a Toyota Prius then feel free to get in touch with us today. We offer both personal and business contract hire deals on the Prius so no matter what your needs we will be able to help.

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