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Range Rover Sport P400e - A Plug in Hybrid SUV With Speed To Burn

Range Rover Sport Plug In Hybrid

Managing to keep multiple strengths of the larger version, this Range Rover Sport p400e is a fairly cheaper option and considerably better deal than its bigger brother. 

Range Rover lovers have been calling for a model of their favourite car, that can execute those small everyday commutes without draining fuel and considerably harming the environment. In the Sport P400e their calls have been answered. It comes with the companies 2.0-litre diesel engine giving it a projected 296 bhp combined with its electric motor delivering 141 bhp more. This motor and the 13.1-kWh lithium-ion battery gives drivers a whopping total of 404 bhp and a healthy 472 lb-ft of torque. This dual powered 4x4 will reach 60mph in just over 6.7 seconds and can reach a top speed of 137mph, which allows owners to experience greater power and speed than that of its V6 diesel or supercharged V8 petrol counterpart. 

The large battery pack, which is packed well out of sight, allows drivers to get 31 miles out of full charge solely using the electric features. This means that if you are using your Range Rover only for simple short journeys, you could potentially never have to fill your tank up with fuel. The British manufacturer have outlined that a full charge will take up to 3 hours when using a regular built in-home charger, if you buy the appropriate, but optional, Type 2 charging cable. You can keep up to date with how your charging sequence is going on an app which is recommended to you upon purchase and with the handy ‘Timed Charging’ feature, you are able to set a convenient time of day for your new eco-friendly 4x4 to begin charging. 

A common feature which is often noted in hybrid vehicles, especially the ones that provide that extra “oomph” of power, is how the transition between electric and fuel mode is greeted with a jolt and sometimes a struggle. The Range Rover Sport p400e manages to bypass this struggle and gives the driver relatively unnoticed transition combined with a 4-cylinder roar when putting your foot down on the accelerator to enter this powerful mode. Weighing 300kg heavier than other Range Rover Sports the P400e still glides around corners in a very tidy manner for a tall 4x4. There’s lots of grip on the road in both electric and fuel modes and being a Land Rover means it has all the usual off-road driving modes, giving it a considerable advantage over other hybrid cars on the market.

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The interior of the car is where the Sport p400e really excels with all the added electronic features you would expect in a Range Rover and more. Its integrated intelligent Hybrid display allows the driver to keep up to date with how fuel efficiently they are driving and will enter “safe mode” to maintain battery life when you are on those longer journeys. On the British companies InControl Touch Duo 10-inch information and entertainment screen, you can keep up to date with mapping and the intelligent system can provide you with charging points that are upcoming on the route which you have provided. A spacious 4x4 that is comfortable for all passengers unfortunately doesn’t have a 7-seater option just yet, however it is still a very good family car and with increased boot size is perfect for storage on those short and long trips.

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The quietest Range Rover to date feels even more luxurious than other models in the brand, due in part to the lack of noise when you’re running on electric power alone. If you often drive short distances and have the ability or memory to keep the batteries topped up, this hybrid version of the classic “big car” makes a lot of financial sense. Coupled with the modern electrical features that Land Rover have included, such as the ability to pre heat your cabin before you’ve entered the car, this Range Rover allows you to complete those journeys on everyday tarmac roads effortlessly and gives complete off-road stability to extremes of wading up to 33 inches of water.

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1st of May 2019