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World recognised brand Volkswagen (or VW) has been one of the most respected car manufacturers in the world for a number of years now. This is thanks to the brand's extensive history of producing high-quality vehicles, that are not only reliable but also very family friendly.

Their superior build quality, impeccable safety features and use of the latest technology has made Volkswagen a community favourite. Being one of the most distinguished brands in the UK the company has happily become a staple of British motoring.

Established back in 1937 Volkswagen has made great strides in the European motor industry and is currently ranked as one of the top 10 most notable brands. Last year alone the company sold over 200,000 units in the UK alone.

Personal contract hire Volkswagen Arteon, Hatchback
Volkswagen Arteon, Hatchback
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Golf, Estate
Volkswagen Golf, Estate
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Golf, Hatchback
Volkswagen Golf, Hatchback
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Golf SV, MPV
Volkswagen Golf SV, MPV
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Passat, Estate
Volkswagen Passat, Estate
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Passat, Saloon
Volkswagen Passat, Saloon
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Polo, Hatchback
Volkswagen Polo, Hatchback
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Sharan, MPV
Volkswagen Sharan, MPV
Personal contract hire Volkswagen T-Roc, SUV / 4x4
Volkswagen T-Roc, SUV / 4x4
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Tiguan, SUV / 4x4
Volkswagen Tiguan, SUV / 4x4
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, SUV / 4x4
Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, SUV / 4x4
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Touareg, SUV / 4x4
Volkswagen Touareg, SUV / 4x4
Personal contract hire Volkswagen Touran, MPV
Volkswagen Touran, MPV
Personal contract hire Volkswagen up!, Hatchback
Volkswagen up!, Hatchback

One of the most common questions we get is why would I go with VW or why is VW so popular. Well, this is actually easier to answer than most would have you believe.

First off Volkswagen is one of the most diverse car manufacturers available at the moment. Currently, they offer a number of models each designed to meet the needs of different people. For example, if you're looking for a small city car then VW's 'Up!' would be perfect for you.

Another thing to note is VW pricing when compared to other vehicles on the market. This amazing rate is down to a few factors but primarily the companies reliability and ability to produce cars that stand the test of time.

Here at BCF, we like to help all of our clients make the correct decision when it comes to personal contract hire. So to help aid in making this decision we have taken some time to list some of the pros and cons of going with VW.


  • Lower Monthly Payments - What attracts most people to a PCH deal is the amazing saving options that it offers. As the vehicle is being leased you only have to pay a fraction of the actual cost and get a phenomenal deal on it.
  • Manufactures Warranty - Even though you don't own the vehicle you do get to use the warranty that has been taken out. This means if anything props up that wasn't your fault then it will be covered for you.
  • Wide Range of Options - At Britannia Car Finance you get have the ability to browse through a wide range of VW's available. We have everything listed on our website from the small little 'Up!' city car all the way up to the tough and bulky 'Touareg' SUV.


  • Limited Mileage - With every PCH deal you must state your average yearly mileage when you apply. Once the vehicle has been leased to you, you will be expected to stay within this stated mileage. If you go over then you will be charged per mile you go over.
  • You never own the car - Even with the car staying in your possession the entire time you don't actually own it and have to return it at the end of your lease.

Here at BCF, we are able to offer you some of the best and most comprehensive personal VW leases deals in the industry. Give us a call today on 0161 440 7272, or head on over to our contact us page for a quote.

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