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Have you found your perfect lease online but are unsure whether you are eligible? Sign up to a no-obligation trial with UK Credit Ratings for an instant credit report.

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* This service is available from our Partner UKCreditRatings as a 14 Day Trial.

Weekly credit report updates to help get your finances in great shape, and to help you monitor your score.

Understand, utilise and review your credit report to help improve your credit score.

Gather insights into how your financial activities affect your credit score.

Why Should I Check My Credit Report?

At Britannia Car Leasing, we have to perform a mandatory credit check as part of our responsibilities. We have partnered with UK Credit Ratings to help you check, improve, and monitor your credit score.

We consider your circumstances when you apply for a lease car from us, with our credit reports, we can best position your application to help source you the best lease agreement to suit your individual requirements.

All lenders will run a credit check to consider your circumstances before deciding on your application. A good credit score means you are more likely to be accepted, it also gives us the power to support your application across a number of carefully selected finance companies.

As an FCA regulated and responsible broker, it is necessary to perform credit checks. They are designed to protect everyone involved, including you.

I Am Unsure If I have Bad Credit

Before committing to a lease, it is important to check your credit score. With our partnership with UK Credit Ratings, you can check whether you have bad credit before signing up to an agreement or risk being declined for future finance.

We can help you check your credit rating, including any errors that may be on your report and dispute any mistakes online.

If you need help improving your score, UK Credit Ratings will teach you how to improve your credit score and become a better borrower.


Improve Your Chances to be Accepted For Finance

You can join thousands of happy customers and increase your chances of being accepted for vehicle leasing today. UKCreditRatings work with customers to help them understand their data held on their credit report. Their friendly straight-talking experts provide clear information to demystify the mechanics of credit scoring, so you take the first step to a brighter financial future.

Did You Know 1 in 3 UK Credit Reports Containing An Error?

These errors can prevent you from being accepted for finance, so it’s important to make sure your report is correct and up to date, as this can help you get the best deals on the market. If you're unsure how to dispute errors in the portal, you can speak with a UKCreditRatings agent via live chat or over the telephone.

Customer Benefits



Full credit report & history

View the same as the lenders see! Make sure your credit information is correct and maximise your chance of success with a healthy credit file.

Unique dispute function

It’s never been easier to update your credit report! File a dispute online, via live chat or speak to your credit agent on the phone.

Most accurate real time data

Updated daily, access your most up to date credit report! Receive live alerts every time your credit score changes.

Live chat & freephone

Speak with dedicated credit agents and get tips on how to improve your credit score and get the best finance deals on the market.

Other Benefits of using UKCreditRatings

Unique Credit Improvement Recommendations

It’s quick and easy to see positive and negative impacts on your credit score. We deliver dynamic credit improvement suggestions to customers depending on their current financial circumstances.

Free Dark Web Monitoring

We scan the internet to check if your details are at risk, or if they have been freely listed on the dark web for fraudsters to use. This usually happens when other companies have been hacked by fraudsters.

We monitor your data to keep your identity and personal information safe and protected from fraudsters. If we find a breach we inform you to take action immediately.

Thin File Assist

Step by step guidance on how to build a thin file into a full credit file. Other providers just give you blanket information on how to get a credit score - they will not assist you in the right direction to build one.

Exclusive Perks & Discounts

Once you open your credit report, you can activate the perk portal to reduce your month expenditure on high street brands, national attractions, and day to day shopping.

FAQs on UKCreditRatings and Credit Scores

UKCreditRatings is a reporting service, who retrieves information from a UK Credit Reference Agency. Credit reference agencies give lenders a range of information about potential borrowers, which lenders use to make their decisions. The information shared may include information about your previous credit history. They hold certain information about most adults in the UK. This information is called your credit reference file or credit report.

If you are a current member of UKCreditRatings, you can contact our customer service team at 0161 250 7700.

To cancel, please call our customer services team on: 0161 250 7700, you can also cancel online by clicking on our chat button to speak with an agent, email us at or write to us at: Terminations, RS Data Tech, Ltd., Piccadilly House, Suite 403, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AP.

If you cancel your account within the trial period, your access will be suspended with immediate effect.

Credit account information shows the details of your credit agreements with lenders.

Most of the UK's major lenders have agreed to share details of their customers' credit agreements with the Credit Reference Agencies. When you apply for credit, you provide the lender with permission to check your credit profile with the Credit Reference Agencies. This helps them to decide whether you can afford to take the new credit and whether you are likely to maintain the payments on any credit agreement you take out.

Credit Reference Agencies can only change the account details they hold with the lender's permission.

Our online service UKCreditRatings is where you can obtain your Credit Score online. This service will allow you to see what your Credit Score is based solely upon the information recorded on your UKCreditRatings credit report.

First time customers of the UKCreditRatings service will be able to take advantage of a free-trial period. 

Your Credit Score is based upon your credit history as recorded. This is the information included in your Credit Report. You can use your Credit Score to see how your credit history might influence a lending decision.

A higher score suggests that you will probably find it easier to borrow money or buy goods on credit. It is only a guide to help you see how your credit report information may affect a lender's credit decision. It does not guarantee that you will be successful when applying for credit.

Several factors are taken into account when calculating your credit score. These include the total amount you owe across your accounts, the number of accounts you hold and whether or not you have missed any payments. Missing payments will impact your score as it can indicate to a lender that you may have difficulty making payments in the future.

Opening several new accounts in a short space of time can also affect your score as it may mean that you are taking out too much credit, which could lead to difficulties when you make repayments.

Being on the electoral roll can also help your credit score as being at one address for a period of time usually indicates stability to lenders.

It's likely, according to financial experts and analysts. Your credit report can include errors and inaccuracies that can hurt your credit score. As a member of UKCreditRatings, you'll have access to your credit report 24/7. We'll help you dispute errors so you can be sure your profile is as clean as possible.

A credit score is a number that reflects the likelihood of someone making repayments. A high score means they are more likely to offer you credit, however it is not an assurance that you will or won't be granted credit. Each credit reference agency has their own version of a credit score so the credit score used to assess your application will depend on which credit reference agency the lender is using. Here are some reasons your application may have been rejected:

  • A poor credit rating
  • Your employment history
  • A limited credit history
  • Bankruptcies & CCJs
  • Identity theft
  • Mistakes on your application

You can dispute any items on your credit report by clicking on the ! icon next to each item. You can also contact the organisation or lender involved. If they agree that the information is inaccurate, they can make the necessary amendment or ask Credit Reference Agency to update your file.

Please note that account balances are updated every 4-6 weeks. So if the balance shown on your credit report doesn't reflect the actual balance there's no need to contact the lender unless you believe the balance is more than 4-6 weeks out of date. However, in some instances it can take 12 weeks for the data to be updated, so only contact us if you think that there is an error on your report.

Did you know that some potential employers now consider your credit profile when doing a background check? Whether you want to rent or own a property, your credit score and profile will determine if you are a reliable person. This is why it's important to maintain a good credit score and know what is on your profile at all times.

Get your Free Credit Report now * * 14 day trial