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How Car Leasing Works?

Leasing is normally cheaper than buying a new car outright, or through traditional methods such as Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP).

This is because you don't need to worry about the vehicle depreciation over time, you simply pay an initial payment of your choice, followed by monthly payments over a 2, 3 or 4 year term then simply hand the car back at the end.

Our process is a simple 4 step procedure. So how does leasing a car (or van) work?

Leasing with Britannia is Simple
Leasing with Britannia is Simple

1. Find your Next Vehicle

Choosing a new car is better when you don't have to think about the total purchase price, we have a dedicated pricing department who look at leasing prices daily to ensure we find you the best possible prices available. Whether you’re looking for a family SUV, a commercial vehicle to assist your business, or a sporty little number. Take a look at our latest leasing deals Here.

2. Choose Your Terms

Whatever your budget, why not use the handy lease calculator which is attached to each vehicle. Simply choose an upfront payment, this will be 3,6,9 or 12 which is multiplied by the monthly rental, next select your annual mileage, be realistic so you avoid any excess mileage charges (we would always advise you to slightly overestimate just to be safe). Once you have chosen your terms, we will assist you with the finance application and once accepted you will receive your Lease Agreement to sign, once this is done your car will be ordered.

3. Sit Back and Relax

Now it's just a case of waiting for your new vehicle, our team will provide regular updates until delivery of your vehicle (which is free! to any location within the UK mainland Delivery time can depend on a number of factors; if the car is in stock you could have it in just a couple of weeks. If the Car is a factory order it will take longer but you will be updated on build timeframes and will be given an anticipated delivery date. If you have any questions at this point we are always on hand to answer any questions, we'll be happy to help.

4. Take Delivery of your Vehicle

The Big Day! Vehicles are delivered directly from our main dealer network (and tend to be driven) to either your home or work, the choice is yours. Your mileage contract doesn't start until you take delivery so if the dealership have to drive a few miles in the vehicle, don't worry, this doesn't come out of your mileage allowance. Some cars vehicles such as Fully Electric may be delivered on a truck to ensure you have a good level of charge, we will confirm this once your delivery is booked.

And that's it, after which it’s simply time to enjoy your brand new vehicle! We'll keep in touch throughout your lease and check in on how your mileage is going in relation to your allowance. From time to time we have “Invitation Only” giveaways for customers so keep an eye out!

Car Leasing FAQs

  • Free UK Mainland Delivery
  • Road Tax (For the duration of the term)
  • Manufactures Warranty
  • Dedicated Account Manager with support during your lease
  • Fixed Monthly Payments
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
  • GAP Insurance
  • Maintenance Package (Optional) We can provide you with a quote to include servicing and tyres
  • Fuel

Around 6 months before the end of your lease, we'll give you a call to advise you what happens next and start to discussing your next vehicle requirements if you are choosing to lease again. The vehicle will be collected for free throughout the UK Mainland at the end of your lease, if you have gone over your agreed mileage you will have to pay an excess mileage fee (please refer to your Lease Agreement for the exact figure).

In some instances you are able to buy the lease car vehicle at the end of the term, although we cannot guarantee this. You would have to deal directly with the finance company who will let you know if this is possible.