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Can I Put a Private Plate On My Lease Car?

You can put a private plate on a lease car, however, because the car isn’t owned by you, there are a few steps that you need to take before you can have your number plate installed.

The UK has a whopping 45 million private registration plates, that's more than two in every three people! Whilst most are on used cars, we understand that some customers want to personalise their lease car.

So, can you put a private plate on your lease? The answer, yes!

There are a few steps that must be followed to put your plate on and it's important to know that it must be put back to the original plate the car arrived with around 6 weeks before the lease car is returned.

Private Registration Process
Private Registration Process

At the end of your lease period, you are required to give the car back, however it is likely that you want to keep your private number plates for future use. 

Six weeks before your lease is due to finish, you should contact your finance provider. They will organise to have your V317 form sent to the DVLA in the post as well as the vehicle’s logbook, which is kept by the finance provider. You should also include an £80 transfer fee to the DVLA. At this point there could be a charge from the finance company to remove the plate. 

Once all the documentation has been processed, the DVLA will send the finance provider a new log book showing the vehicle’s original registration number as well as a V778 retention document which should be issued back to you. If you want to reissue your plates to another car in the future, you can use the V778 document to do so.