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How to Setup a Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme

Setting up a salary sacrifice scheme with Britannia Car Leasing couldn't be simpler. Our team are on hand to guide you through our quick and easy process to help onboard any employers and employees who are eligible for the scheme.

Step by Step Guide for Employers

Step 1: Join Us

Getting started with a new salary sacrifice scheme for employers is easy. We have a short enquiry form for you to fill out, this will ask you for some information such as company size and how long you have been trading. We will check your eligibity and get you on board.

Step 2: Promote

Once the relevent paperwork has been signed by an authorised signatory, you can begin to promote the benefit to your employees. The best part about our scheme is that it is open to all members of staff regardless of their job title. It is a fantastic benefit as it helps your company retain its top members of staff.

Step 3: Drive

Once you are signed up, your employees can contact us directly to source their brand new vehicle through the scheme. You can stipulate which vehicles are open to your staff, such as only including EVs in the scheme. We will go through the ins and outs, including ongoing supprot should your staff require it.

Looking for more information? Download our Guide

Step by Step Guide for Employees

Step 1: Sign Up

If your company is not yet signed up, get them reffered to our team. We can check their eligibility and get them onboarded if they aren't already. Once they are siged up, we will take some details from you to help with the process. Salary sacrifice for employees really couldn't be simpler with our team. The best bit for you is the credit check is directly against your company and not the employee.

Step 2: Choose Your Car

Once all the paperwork is signed, the fun begins! Your employer might have specified certain vehicles (such as EVs) that we can explain to you, but outside of this, you're free to choose whichever vehicle suits you. We have a huge range of manufacturers for you to choose from, you can see these here. We can discuss making any specification changes, such as the colour or any optional extras you require.

We will go through the expected lead times and help source you a brand new vehicle for you to order.

Step 3: Delivery

The wait is finally over, the signatures are dry and a delivery date has been confirmed. Our administration team will be in touch to arrange the important handover date, including what to expect on the day. That's it, once the delivery is arranged, it will be transported (or driven) directly to your driveway.

Looking for more information? Download our Guide