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Electric Cars Under £25,000 - The Year of the Cheap EV

2024 is shaping up to be the year that we begin to see cheap electric vehicles come to the market. With many EV’s starting from around £32,000, 2024 is the year we start to see EVs enter this space for around £25,000. Brands including Citroen, Dacia, BYD, and Volkswagen are all getting involved.


The French automaker anticipates a new supermini to arrive in late 2024, the e-C3. Key points include the best-in-class comfort that comes with Citroen Advanced Comfort Seats for the first time in a C3 derivative. They are also being equipped with the latest battery technology, packing a 44kWh battery pack that provides a driving range of up to 199 miles and 100kW DC rapid charging capabilities, allowing charging speeds from 20 to 80% in just 26 minutes.

A refreshed interior will also be present, with smart features, including the all-new C-Zen lounge which brings an innovative approach to reinventing the dashboard.

Importantly, the e-C3 is to offer outstanding value for money as Citroen ramps up to make electric mobility more affordable and attainable for many more drivers.

There is a rumoured starting price of €20,000, making it one of the cheapest EVs ever introduced to Europe.


Dacia is well known for making budget cars, including the affordable Sandero hatchback and Duster SUV. In 2024, the brand will look to introduce its first electric car, the Dacia Spring. Already grabbing the attention of the press for Value Car of the Year 2023, the Spring sees an affordable EV being introduced from the reputational brand.

Orders have already gone live in Europe, with more than 120,000 placed. The budget EV will have class-leading boot space with around 290 litres and a tested range of up to 137 miles. The Dacia Spring will be perfect for drivers who often drive around towns and small cities, or those who travel within congestion zones.

The new car from the Romanian brand has already been dubbed the cheapest ever EV and is expected to arrive later this year.

Dacia Spring Extreme
Dacia Spring Extreme


Whilst many drivers might not be aware of BYD, they are set to shake up the automotive market. The Build Your Dreams brand originates from China and have a range of electric vehicles coming to the UK, this includes the Atto 3, Seal, and Dolphin. The cheapest of the bunch is the BYD Dolphin, launched in 2023 from around £25,500, the affordable hatchback sits on the upper end of the cheap EV market.

Capable of an impressive 0-62 mph in 7 seconds and a WLTP range of 265 miles, the Dolphin could be worth shortlisting.

BYD Seal
BYD Atto 3
BYD Dolphin

Volkswagen Group:

Electric cars are becoming more affordable and accessible, and Volkswagen is one of the leading brands in this field. Volkswagen is planning to unveil a new electric car called the ID.2all in 2024, which will be a compact hatchback that will cost less than £22,000. The ID.2all will be based on the same platform as the Cupra Urban Rebel, a sporty electric car that will also debut in 20242. Both cars will offer a range of around 280 miles and a fast-charging capability.

Another electric car that Volkswagen is working on is the SUV version of the ID.2, which will be a replacement for the T-Cross. This car will be revealed in 2025 and will go on sale in 2026 at less than £25,000. The SUV will have a more upright silhouette and a larger boot space than the ID.2 and will also offer a single motor with 223bhp and a choice of two battery sizes.

These are some of the electric cars that Volkswagen is expected to release in the next few years, which will appeal to different segments of the market and offer a variety of features and benefits. Volkswagen aims to become a "love brand" again by offering electric cars for everyone.

Here at Briannia Car Leasing, we anticipate that 2024 will be the year for the affordable electric vehicle, starting under £25,000. Keep an eye out for unbelievable electric lease deals this year as things are shaping up nicely!

VW ID.2All
VW ID.2All
VW ID.2All Interior
VW ID.2All Interior