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Tesla Model Y Salary Sacrifice

Order the latest Tesla Model Y on salary sacrifice. The government approved scheme allows you to give up a portion of your salary in exchange for a brand new car through your employer.

Tesla Model Y RWD Salary Sacrifice Example Rates

Tesla Model Y Salary Sacrifice

Annual Salary

Estimated Net Salary Reduction



£70,000 £472.75
£120,000 £320.06

The above figures are estimated net salary reductions based on example annual salary rates. For an accurate quote, get in touch with our salary sacrifice team who will be on hand to give you accurate quotes based on your true income.

Feature Figures
Total Monthly Salary Sacrificed: £763.43 inc VAT
Employee income Tax Savings: £305.37
Benefit in Kind Payable by Employee: £29.96
Employee National Insurance Saving: £15.27
Total Estimated Net Salary Reduction: £472.75


Employee? Make an enquiry.

Employer? Make an enquiry.

Figures are calculated off an annual salary of £70,000 and are representative only. Based on an individual living in England/Wales and are an estimation for marketing purposes only. A salary sacrifice is only available for an employee through their employer. Terms and conditions apply, errors and omissions are excluded.

Tesla Model Y RWD Specification

Range: Up to 283 Miles
Battery Capacity: 60 kWh
Power: 358 BHP
0-62s: 6.6 Seconds
Charging Time: 200 Miles in 15 Minutes (Supercharger)
Average Price Per kWh

Home Charging: 27p /kWh
Slow/Fast Charging: 55p /kWh
Rapid/Ultra-Rapid Charging: 81p /kW

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Why choose a salary sacrifice on the Tesla Model?

Leasing a Tesla Model Y through a salary sacrifice scheme can be a savvy financial move with several compelling advantages. First and foremost, embracing electric vehicles (EVs), you contribute to reducing carbon emissions, fostering cleaner air quality.

Financially, leasing through a salary sacrifice scheme offers significant perks. With salary sacrifice, you can lease the Tesla Model Y using a portion of your pre-tax salary, which can lead to substantial tax savings. By diverting funds from your salary before tax is applied, you effectively reduce your taxable income, potentially lowering your overall tax liability. This tax-efficient approach allows you to access an environmentally friendly vehicle while optimising your financial resources.

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