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Jaguar iPace - Believe The Hype

The New Jaguar iPace

Jaguar have taken the leap. A project which only took a mere 4 years to complete, the iPace is in car showrooms around the world and we believe, not only is it a new breed of jaguar, but it has the potential to become the go-to electric car. 

Jaguar is one of Britain’s most successful and reliable car manufacturers, but even they know when its time for a change. Seeing the success and rise of all electric and hybrid cars has prompted a drop in the demand for petrol and diesel vehicles. A range of well-known car companies have taken the plunge in producing eco friendly cars, for example Nissan and Toyota, however no one has come close to challenging the popularity of the American brand Tesla. Elon Musk has dominated the electric car market in recent years, but we believe that the Jaguar iPace is the perfect car to not only compete with but potentially knock Tesla off the top spot. 

This sleek looking luxury car maintains the classiness of previous Jaguars and allows the driver to journey in style and comfort with its long charging range and spacious interior. The iPace clocks in with an immense 0-60mph of just 4.5 seconds which gives the owner the feeling of speed and safety in this “fast family car.” What makes the remarkable acceleration even more impressive is the size of the car, weighing in at 2.2 tonnes and cruising on 20-inch alloys allows you to really feel the power when you are lacking the sound of a regular petrol or diesel car. This increased weight does however mean that you will encounter a mighty thud when you hit a pothole or a particularly damaged road. To combat this Jaguar have incorporated air suspension on the higher spec versions of the iPace allowing you to settle at speed and truly feel the joy of driving this wonderful eco-friendly beast

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When purchasing an electric car, the focus is how well the battery charges and ultimately lasts for. With the rise in popularity of electric cars, it has become a regular sight to see a car plugged into a charge point whilst you are unpacking your shopping into your car and now with the ability to have a charge point installed into your home, it is very uncommon for the batteries to ever die and leave you stranded with no charge. The Jaguar iPace claims that their 90kWh lithium-ion battery, which is conveniently placed under the floor completely out of the way, has the ability to last 298 miles on a full charge. Whilst this is not impossible, it is highly unlikely and would require you to take some rather extreme measures to achieve this extremely long battery life for example crawling at 45mph and denying yourself the indulgences of air con, heating and your stereo. Car experts suggest that the real driving range would hit its limit just before 200 miles on a full charge, which is more than enough and still gives you the advantages over a regular petrol vehicle. In comparison to other electric cars on the market, charging takes a little longer with an estimated 10 hours for 80% battery life, using a regular 7kw home charger. This is just the perfect amount of time for you to get home from work and have your brand-new ecological car ready for you the next morning with no stress of worrying about the rising prices of petrol.

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As with most modern cars, market value increases not only with the performance and quality of the car, but with the added network features in the interior. In Tesla’s Model 3, the gadgets available at your disposal are some of the most exciting features in the car. The Jaguar iPace is no different, with their very own built in Wi-Fi Connect Pro, Jaguar I PACE keeps you informed, up-to-date and can perform software updates ‘over the air’ so you never miss the constantly additional features. The Sat-Nav capabilities are accessible with the several acres of screen at your disposal, split across 3 displays, and can keep you informed with current traffic situations and upcoming speed traps. Jaguar have managed to maintain the classic finesse of their previous models by still including physical buttons, this may seem strange that its being mentioned, but with most modern electric cars now there is a distinct lack of physical buttons and switches, with companies tending to stick with an all touchscreen interface. To maintain the “fast family car” that Jaguar were looking for, the iPace can handle and situate 4 adult passengers with ease allowing your journey to be comfortable whilst also maintaining the power and speed this all electric beauty really has.

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All in all, the Jaguar iPace is a well packaged, spacious and powerful car that just so happens to be electric, so if you’re thinking of taking the step over to the ecological side of driving, we believe this could be the car for you. Is it faster than a Tesla? No, but it has so much more than just acceleration, it has agility, precision and finesse, whilst it remains a premium vehicle that is priced accordingly, the Jaguar iPace is an electric car that YOU will want to own.

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1st of March 2019